Thursday, 28 April 2011


We travel down to Exeter today to pray and seek God for the Together at Westpoint event that will be taking place on the 18th-21st August.

The event was renamed and had a new venue (the Westpoint arena) last year after two years joining together for Accelerate. Last years event was a huge success seeing 1800 people join together from all over the region to worship and seek God. 

This years event is looking to be even bigger and better. Phatfish will be joining us as will Terry Virgo. We will also have some local worship bands serving us as well as the usual dynamic preaching that Guy Miller brings. On top of this we can be confident that God wants to meet with us and give us vision and direction as a region! Westpoint isn't one to miss out on, make it your priority for this summer!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Super Sunday

Easter of the main days in the christian calender! And what a day to baptise so many people! 

I was back at Winchester Family Church (my previous church) and what a joy it was to witness the baptism of 10 people! I don't know about you, but hearing testimonies of how God works in peoples lives and brings them to salvation in him really causes emotions to fly---I didn't cry this time. 

It just seems fitting on a day when we are celebrating the day when our saviour was raised from the dead that we baptise people. Baptism is an outward expression of an inward faith in Christ. It also gives us an image of dieing to your old life (as you go under the water) and being raised to new life as you come back out of the water.

Like Christmas, Easter has been hit by commercialisation. Chocolate eggs are great but lets remember and celebrate for the real reason. Jesus is alive!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Holiday Time

It has been a while! This past term of Impact has been the most hectic one yet which means blogging has shot right been the list of things to do. It is nice to be back writing and I hope that I will get some more inspiration soon.

Anyway, I am currently taking a week off from Impact and I am back in Winchester. The weather is beautiful! I have had opportunities to catch up with friends and spend the day with my cousins which was great. It has been nice to shut down for a week before I head back to Poole to take on the last term of Impact. 

Last week we had our Easter holiday club. Over the course of the week we had 100 children join us for gospel centred stories, messy games, worship, the extremely popular drama, walk the plank (where the losing teams leader was pushed into the baptismal pool) and lots more pirate based fun.
Holiday club is an amazing week of the church calender. The whole church unites in prayer leading up to the event, up to 20 people join together as the core team and we get to invite so many young people and their families into the church building. 
We are continuing to pray as we seek to see some of these families attending the church and ultimately having faith in the Jesus.