Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Newday 2011

The event that all of Newfrontiers teenagers are buzzing for is only twelve days away. I'm going as a leader this year, and I am just as excited, if not more excited than our youth.

Over the years Newday has been a massive blessing to me. It has been a week that has massively shaped the man that I now am, through my powerful encounters with God and also some of the mischief and good times that were had.

Is there anything more exciting than seeing 7000 teenagers enthusiastically praising God? I can't think of anything off the top of my head. We (Yes I include myself) are the next generation. We need to step up and take our place advancing the kingdom of God whether that be at School, College or University. We need to be radical about our relationship with God, our purity and his great mission. Newday takes on all these issues. It looks to stir up our young people to take responsibility for their relationship with God and to equip them to advance the kingdom of God.

I cannot wait! God really moved with our leaders, and I am praying that he moves just as powerfully with our young people! I will write a report on the event when we are back!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

TOAM 2011

I am not going to write a report of the event or write summarys of the main sessions. Other men have already done that and have done a better job than I could do (Check out Adrian Warnock's blog). I simply want to reflect on some of my highlights of this fantastic event.

I was not sure what to expect of the event. In previous years I have listened to material from the event and been immensely blessed, however in person it was a whole new experience. This year was the last last TOAM as Newfrontiers looks to split into multiple spheres.

Taken from
  1. Seeing the big picture...Being a part of a conference like this really enables you to see the big picture. I often find that I all too often get caught up in my own little world and forget that the kingdoms battles are being fought all over the world. Thursday night blew away this self centredness that I get caught up in. There were thousands of people crammed into the auditorium praying for all the different spheres around the world. We prayed for our brothers in the Americas, Africa, UK, Pacific Rim, Asia, Eastern Europe and Europe as a whole. God is on the move around the world. He is using ordinary men and women to do fantastic things.  
  2. This is where the party is...Coupled with being a prayer meeting, Thursday evening was a celebration evening. In the leaders morning session a prophetic word was bought about the evening session being a "coming of age party". Christians are often deemed as being boring and cold. Anyone who saw Thursday night would have to change their mind about that!
  3. P-J Smyth on Suffering, sickness and healing...Listen to it! This was one of the best sermons I have ever heard and the best I have ever heard on this subject. P-J handled it fantastically and I really came face to face with God. I saw God's sovereignty afresh. Before the evening I knew it, I could tell what it looked like but I hadn't seen it! Now I have, thank you Mr Smyth for serving us so well.
  4. Thank you Nigel Ring...What a man of God! Nigel Ring has served Newfrontiers from the beginning. He handles loads of the administration work and has done so faithfully for years. After Terry's final session we got to honour Nigel for all his hard work over the years. The whole room was on their feet chapping, with many in tears. Thank you for all your hard work Nigel. 

What a great week. I was immensely blessed through the experience. God is so faithful and my prayer is that we will continue to cling to him as we look to advance the kingdom of God and see thousands of churches planted across the world.