Wednesday, 9 March 2011

In Bude Review

What a weekend! 300ish students and 20's gathered together In Bude to worship God and spend time in fellowship together! In my pre-event post I noted how expectant we were and boy, God just loves to blow away expectations!

Friday evening set the tone for the weekend! We spent an hour and a half worshipping and then Matt and Grace shared on how we can get the most out of the weekend. Ben and the band led us fantastically, and I loved his new songs! 

Saturday was where it all kicked off! Julian Adams led the two sessions, and those of you who know Julian will know that any meeting that he speaks at is an eventful one. He spoke from Luke 7:36-50. God then proceeded to speak to him about certain individuals around the room and he went on to prophecy over them. 

Saturday evening for me was the highlight of the weekend which is funny because I spent the whole meeting on the floor...unable to move. God met with me in the most powerful/tangible way he ever has done and he spoke to me about some personal stuff as well. I know many people were blessed by God in this meeting! Isn't he good?!

Sunday morning...the weekend had gone so quick, but we still had one more meeting to look forward to. Matthew Hosier spoke from Daniel 3, a message he bought at the last ever Stonleigh event in Revive, ten years ago. The message was very powerful and Matt challenged us about putting God first in every area of our life and not conforming to the world while still being in the world. 

In Bude went as well as it possibly could have done. It must be repeated next year. The amount of blessing and fruit that has come out of it is phenomenal. Students and 20's, stay on fire for God as we integrate back into normal church life, lets be a blessing to our congregations!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

In Bude

This weekend we will be joining with other students from the south-south west region In Bude. The weekend will be a great opportunity for worship, fellowship and to hear great preaching. We are privileged to have Matthew Hosier and Julian Adams sharing from God's word, and one of Gateway Church Poole's bands---being led by Ben Green---leading us in our worship.

We are expecting God to meet with us powerfully, and really speak into our lives. A lot of us have big decisions to make after this year whether it be moving on to university or moving into the working world. So please be remembering us in your prayers.